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Coffee Table


When you tell someone that you are making a coffee table, they might think, "ah, that should be easy to do."  We'll, if you think they are easy, try making this one.  This design reqires a lot of time, and effort.  The cuts have to be perfect (atleast for the design on the top of the table) and everthing has to fit together just right.  I picked this project for this reason.  I needed something challenging that I could work on while I do other things.  I have been working on this project for a couple weeks now, and I am still cutting out the pieces.  Before I know it I will be staining it and putting on the finishing touches.


* There is an error in the bill of materials.  The pine frameing is to be 3/4" thick instead of 1/4".  Also, the plywood is to be 1/2" thick instead of 1/4" thick.

The plan says to use Walnut and Oak, but I am using Pine because it costs less, and it still looks pretty good.  I have maple in the plans, but I scratched that idea due to the price of the wood.  Instead, I will be taking the peices of wood that are to be darker, and stain them more heavily than the others to give them the dark look the table needs.


The cutting diagram will vary with the types of tools you have.  I was unable to resaw some of the pieces that I have maked as being cut to 1/4" thick.  Instead, I ended up plaining down 3/4" boards down to 1/4".  This process takes a lot of time and patients.  It will also cost a little bit more because you cannot resaw a piece of lumber you would like to.  The plywood is labeled to be 3' X 3'.  If you buy the wood from the store, the smallest you can but it is 4' X 4', unless you get it somewhere where they will cut it down to the size you need.  I have it labeled at 3'[ X 3' because that is the only size of wood I could fit in my car.  I could have cut the plywood to the size I need, but the school has much nicer and better tools to cut it down to size.